Demo and Experience Design

Digital Diorama – Royal Shakespeare Company

As part of the Intel technology partner team for the Royal Shakespeare Company, this piece was produced and designed primarily in July 2018 for an onsite activation in Stratford-upon-Avon. This piece is an augmented reality experience, allowing visitors to explore Stratford as it would have existed in Shakespeare’s day, complete with RSC actors performing small vignettes as residents of the town.

My role in this project was as technical and design advisor, sharing best practices, helping the partners work through the best way to achieve the goals of a new experience that works both for the dedicated but not-tech-savvy public, and the new-to-Shakespeare younger audiences.

Volumetric Capture space
Volumetric Capture – Sundance 2018

For this project, I was asked to design and produce a unique, first of it’s kind demo experience for attendees to the 2018 Sundance festival.

For this demo, I designed a four depth camera capture rig to allow for 180° captures of attendees for 5-9 seconds.

My work on this project included identifying the correct partners to develop the experience, designing the entire user flow and developing a way to sync the start and end of capture using an external flash unit as a clapperboard, along with a Sketchfab component to allow the captures to be shared after the event.

Interactive wall, Complexcon, 2017

This experience was a Tokyo-future street scene, involving large digital storefronts. Each streetlight had a depth camera attached, where attendees could make gestures to trigger animations and events on the wall. My primary role for this experience was as the design and technology advisor, helping to determine the right placement of devices, the right device to use and the necessary interaction pieces.

Mixcast Photobooth experience – VRLA 2018

For the VRLA event, 2018, I worked with our partners Mixcast and HP to develop a photobooth experience for attendees. I designed the booth space, worked with the partners to design a quick and easy user flow allowing us to print Mixed reality photos for attendees using Intel RealSense depth cameras, complete with digital environments, but without the need for a greenscreen. My role on this project was overall vision and design of the experience from start to finish, optimizing the use of the cameras and liasing with all the partners involved.
Intel Alloy – AWE 2017

Project Alloy was Intel’s prototype standalone VR headset. At Augmented World Expo, 2017, the project had public demos for the first and only time. My role on this project included designing the space the demo would be in, to take advantage of the inside-out-tracking, designing the environment the experience included – a blacksmith shop, including building assets for the environment, and working with the development team to make sure the experience showed the full advantages of the device, including built in depth tracking and realtime volumetric hand tracking.


Public Speaking


Product Photography

A few examples of product photography work.


Short 3D animation – directed, materials, texturing, some animation, cinematography.
Short Stop motion animation – wrote, directed, built the models and set and animated as part of a 6 person team.
Short clip from Habit Monster, a mobile game I worked on in 2015. I created a whole variety of reaction animations that would play when the user did specific actions – e.g. poke the character in the eye.
Short idle animation from Habit Monster

Video Editing

For this video, I filmed, wrote the script, recorded the voiceover, and edited the final footage.