Dear VR Journalists

So here’s the thing. I really really really like VR and AR. I love seeing all the new things people are making. I have a variety of headsets available to me – I have the Gear VR, I have Cardboard, I have Seebright, and I have the Vive, and if something is truly awesome, I can also get access to the Rift, or other headsets.

I follow a lot of media outlets about VR, so when I see stories that look interesting about a new experience, I want to go try out that experience. At the moment, with VR video content, especially, there are a huge number of places to go to find that content – just on the gear alone, I can use the Oculus video store, I can use Samsung Video (aka previously as Samsung Milk) and then I can use other apps too. All of these places seem to have different content. None of them are easily searchable.

If you’re going to write about VR experiences, then, please, tell us how to find them. If it’s available on the Gear, please say which app I should use to find it. If it’s only available through Youtube on cardboard, say so. If I can go use my Vive to access it? PLEASE tell me how, because as much as I love cardboard, there’s no way it compares to either the Gear or the Vive for quality. I’m always going to choose the highest quality I have available to me, so why, if you’re going to write about an experience, are you making it hard for me to go find it myself? It’s like if, on the early days of the web, you wrote about an awesome website you found, but never bothered to include the link.

That makes no sense, and neither does this.

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